About me

Well, thank you for asking.  I started my career in operations management for a Fortune 500 industrial distribution company living in LA & Orange County in the 90’s.  Great experience!  I moved back to my hometown of Houston & got into sales.  I sold forms.  To those of the younger than mine generation those are the things you electronically fill out on your phones hence why I describe the job as past tense.  I then got into the legal services industry.  I provided lawyers with research content.  I really enjoy helping large law firms become better business for which the best of the best firms will tell you… they aren’t good businesses.  They will be soon though because that’s what I do.

I know… why a small business blog?  Because I also own several Sport Clips in the Houston area.  I started my first in 2008.  What an incredible experience!  I started with an educated guess and continue to with more educated guesses but still sometimes… guesses.  I hope what I’ve learned helps your educated guess become more educated.

I have a wonderful family and a son who is the most special person in the world (really, just ask me).  I’m a Texans fan since the first preseason game against the Dolphins and die hard Texas A&M fan.  I have a passion and been blessed with the ability to travel.  Again… thank you for asking.


For more information please see my Linked In page at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jchrismartin