Half the battle… or more than that?

“Half the battle is perseverance.  It’s hard.  Most people give up.”

This is important as you’re building out your business plan.  It’s hard.  You won’t know what you’re doing in the beginning and you’ll stumble.  People will tell you it’s not the right idea, you can’t make your passion a viable business or simply tell you not to do it.  I’ve had all 3 said to me.  The hardest was when somebody whose opinion is important to me told me not to do it.  It actually stopped me from progressing as much as I probably would have if I hadn’t listened to them.  However, while it was a stumble it didn’t stop me.  Why?  Perseverance.  I worked through how hard it was.  I didn’t give up.  I had passion.  If any one of those attributes were missing heck for even some of the time things probably wouldn’t have worked out.

So have the passion about what you’re getting into.  It’s hard.  Without it you just can’t have the needed perseverance and will probably give up.  With it you probably won’t.

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