You must fire

Firing is a tough part of owning a business for many reasons.  First, if you’re in the service industry I have a philosophy that is very important to me.  I just don’t ensure I follow it but its critical for the people who work for me as well.  If you ever feel good about firing somebody you’re in the wrong business.  So let me re-qualify that.  If you have ANYBODY working for you that should should be a critical. 

As I’ve said before, you have people working for you not just employees.  Mothers of somebody, boyfriends, daughters and people who are trying to find what’s best for them.  No, they may not make the right decisions for what’s best but that’s not the point.  So the key?  Make sure when you fire somebody you’re 100%, no doubt, for sure, there’s no question that you’re right.  Not just that it’s best for the business but you’ve gone through the process that you’re right.  A meeting where you’re firing somebody should be able to go pretty much like this:

“Do you know why we’re meeting?”

“Yes, you’re firing me.”

“Do you know why?”

Yes, it’s because…”

Now, of course, they don’t have to agree with you.  However, when being truly honest they should be able to repeat back why you’re firing them using the words you have used up to that point.  It should be clear and without question why.  At that point you will know you’re ready.  You’ve given them the respect of a professional process.

So now that I’ve set the stage of when to fire somebody I’ll get into why and how in upcoming posts…

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