If it ain’t broke…

… break it anyway & make it better.  Sears, Kodak, Tower Records.  Stagnation kills.  Ok, Tower was killed by many things but I loved the store on Sunset Blvd.  Anyway, off my tangent.  Especially as an entrepreneur you need to adapt.  If you came up with a great product, process or even bought into a popular brand people are chasing you.  To use a racing analogy “they’re in your draft” and because of that they may actually be more efficient than you.  So your job is to stay ahead of them.  These are some areas you should always be figuring out how you can get better…

  1. Customer service – Technology is giving us opportunities all the time.
  2. Pay plans – Should drive performance and identify team ineffectiveness.
  3. Product delivery – Two words = Amazon & Prime.
  4. Marketing – Technology has changed marketing so much.  While each customer touch point can be much cheaper than before it is for everybody else as well.  How can you get through all the noise?
  5. Team culture – Anytime you help your team improve culture you will help customer service.  Treutt Cathy made one of the great companies with this being a primary focus
  6. Expenses – There are two sides of the ledger.  Controlling the expense side provides the opportunity to improve in #1-5.

Have a candid conversation with your team and see where something may not seem broke… but it would be really good if it was fixed.

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